UK’s Controlling the Online Narrative

The UK Conservative 2017 election manifesto has a section devoted to strategic communication in the online space:

We will continue to push the internet companies to […] help smaller companies build their capabilities and to provide support for civil society organisations to promote alternative and counter-narratives

Post-modern critical theory in a Tory party manifesto!

What are the civil society organisation which will promote narratives? NGOs? PREVENT? George Soros?

Attempts to regulate the internet remind me of the English smashing the printing presses in revolutionary America.

Demonising Tommy Robinson no longer works

It used to be easy for the establishment to demonise Tommy Robinson: white & working class. He even has tattoos.

He is now widely-admired now millions have seen his videos or Twitter profile and decided he’s actually quite a nice chap.

The government, however, keeps churning out its propaganda about him.

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Domestic Propaganda Apparatus Exposed

Rebel Media recently posted a video of Tommy Robinson and his fabulous friend playing an online ‘thug simulator’ on the website The website is slick and its messaging is superb; who is behind it? claims to be founded by Upstanding Communities. But who, or what, are they? And who is behind

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